Hypno-Audio Products

Hypnotic audio support products coming soon

These product will be produced using the latest brain wave technology available through the use of special software and recording equipment.

How does Brain Wave technology work on the brain?

The technology is based on biofeedback research to directly influence brainwave patterns. Research has shown that brain cells respond to binaural beats — pure and precisely tuned sound frequencies. The listener’s predominant brainwave patterns will move in the direction of the binaural-beat stimulus, where it guides — or actually drives — brain activity into states such as relaxation (alpha), meditation (theta), concentration (beta), and sleep (delta).

A binaural beat is generated through delivering two different tones to either ear using pure sine waves. For example, if we deliver a 100 Hz tone to the right ear and a 104 Hz tone to the left ear, when both tones are played together simultaneously the listener hears a third phantom beat pulsating at four cycles per second — the exact differential between the two tones. So here, 4 Hz is the frequency for theta, and as you listen your brain cells begin to resonate with the beat so that more and more parts of your brain are led into theta-wave [meditation] frequency.


1. Moving into confidence with ease.

2. Dumping the stress of the day.

3. 20 mins to power up and recharge.

4. Tuning into your true wisdom.





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