The symptoms of a modern life - It's not your fault

Common Struggles:

Do you suffer with high emotional responses or reactions?

Are you constantly overthinking and never being present?

Do you feel like you have no control or are out of control?

Do you have a feeling of background dissatisfaction even though your circumstances are good?

Do you feel like you need to control everything?

Do you get overwhelmed and experience fuzzy thinking?

Specific Struggles:

Body Issues
Worry / Stress
Lack of Confidence
Phobias & Fears
Compulsive Behaviours (OCD)
Past Trauma

Eating Disorders
Fear of Conflict
Low Self-Esteem
Addiction Patterns
Panic Attacks
Obsessive Thinking
Grief / Loss

Phobias / Fears
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Fear of Failure / Success
Social Anxiety
Inability to Say "No"

I can help you change whatever isn't working in your life.

1. You don't need to know what's causing your current experience.
2. You don’t need to work out what to do about it.
3. You may not even know where to start.

None of the above are your job - All of the above are my job.

From my experience, I find people who have attempted to get the answers
have innocently come up with dodgy and incomplete information.
Or worse still, they are following some poor strategy that has been offered and accepted by society. 

I will accurately guide you to get the answers to these questions, and in the process reveal the hidden solutions.

I can help you create a better view of the future.
I can support your action steps as you start moving into these new possibilities.

It doesn't matter whatever you think the problem is... once you can begin to understand some of the principles I share with clients, life becomes easier, less stressful, and you get to be more in tune with your innate wisdom, your gut instinct.

The effect is you start feeling like you are living, not just existing.

Even though I do use and share techniques, I find this is only useful in very few cases.

I offer a deeper and much more profound shift in perception and experiencing than just techniques and the management of the symptoms.

Over the last decade and a half I have provided 1-2-1 coaching sessions and have given thousands of people the opportunity to get control of their lives again.


1. Re-pattern your behaviour.

2. Increase your clarity of thought.

3. Change your level of understanding of experience.

4. Tune into your intuitive nature.

5. Fire up your spirit so your life isn't just run by your head.

6. Introduce yourself to a more authentic experience of life.

Once your perception around your problem changes, you get your freedom back.

Also remember once a person realises something, they cannot un-realise it.

This is what makes this approach a permanent shift.

You stop fighting with old ideas.
You have dropped them and in their place is a new understanding.

Sounds too good to be true?   Yeah, I understand that.

But whatever evidence you have to support the struggle, I have 15+ years of evidence that people do break free of the struggle every day during these coaching sessions.

Most people didn’t believe they could ever change at that level, yet they have actually changed.
The testimonials are available on this website to prove this is possible.

So what would it be like to see yourself in the future without your problem?
What would it be like to see yourself being the way you would love to be?


With a bit of effort and guidance, change occurs naturally.

All you have to do is invite yourself to the party.

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