Dealing with communication styles and hidden meanings in relationships with others.

Family, friends, partners, children, siblings, the boss, or difficult work colleagues.

Any relating between you and others involves certain communication styles and the ability to interpret them accurately.

Without these skills, misunderstanding and mis-meanings happen regularly.
Once this is set up as a negative pattern, it can be difficult to break new ground and re-establish a smooth relationship.


Do you struggle to communicate effectively with certain people?

Would you like to improve a relationship with someone in your family, a friend, a work colleague but don't know how to go about it?

Have you resigned to the fact that a particular relationship is the way it is because of the other person, or that you just can't change it?

Do your emotions seem to take over, and you struggle not to take things personally?

Do you feel disconnected from people, and don't seem to know how to get a deeper, more connected relationship?

Do you find it difficult to get people to listen to you? Do they take over the conversation and not take you seriously?

GENERAL Relationships:

1. Understand and protect yourself from other people's negative intentions and language,
remain calm and choose a different response to difficult people.

3. Communicate with your children to teach them independence and resourcefulness, and still keep the ability to place understood boundaries.

4. Deal with parents without them making you feel like you're a child again.

5. Deal with authority in the working environment.

6. Improve your flexibility of behaviour; stop getting stuck in habitual communication patterns.

7. Change your attitude to life - this is a Biggy: when we are able to change our outlook, we have more possibilities to play with and more choice.

8. Get back your playfulness and dump the seriousness that most communication involves.

9. Deepen your relationship with friends and family or heal old wounds that keep you apart.

ROMANTIC Relationships:

1. Deal with the suffering of a break up.

2. Get the spark back in your relationship.

3. Get the other side of resentment and frustration.

4. Smooth out a break up for minimum effect on the children.

5. Learn how to move on effectively.

6. Avoid carrying your past relationship into your new one.

7. Resolve issues with jealousy.

8. Avoid feeling like you lose yourself in a relationship and discover the cause.

9. Put a halt to being attracted to or attracting the wrong person.

10. Discover what's really going on when people blow up over the small stuff.

11. Take the pain out of a break up.

Change your focus and attention to direct it to the solutions you would like, instead of focusing on the problems - we have all heard the saying "What we focus on expands".

Dealing with the things that have affected our relationships and life.

Finding out how they got programmed in and why we keep them.

Create a game plan to improve every aspect of your chosen relationship area - a step by step road map to better relationships.

Understanding the dynamics (communication styles and hidden meanings) is essential to being able to get the connections and relationships in life that you would love to have.





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