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Know Yourself - Master Your Life 

The life you desire is to be found in becoming the person who would create it, new you, new view, new actions, new results.

17 years of working with people and their experience of life has produced this simple program that anyone can understand and follow.
Turn struggles into clarity, turn doubt into self trust, turn thought into action.
Master any areas of your life you want to, with reliable and easy to understand models and approaches?

2 Days - Powerful Transformation, learning and evolving yourself.

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Beyond NLP Practitioner 

NLP techniques are great, but we want you to be able to have a higher level of integrated understanding so you can design your own ways of working.

Beyond NLP personal journey is designed to get these teachings into the muscle, this is where we need it to become an effective communicator.
We also include our newly developed Weller-Core4 coaching method. No more wondering what to do or which technique to use. The Core4 is the root of all your personal or professional development skill sets. It's like your own personal navigation system.

8 Days - Powerful Transformation, learning and evolving yourself, plus an awesome skillset that will change your life completely.

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